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    Company name BIOQUANTA
    BIOQUANTA logo
    the United States
     exporter supplier manufacturer from the United States
    Address BioQuanta Corp.
    2851 South Parker Rd. (S) 720
    Zip Code 80014
    City AURORA
    Province or State COLORADO
    Telephone 33 (0)950 73 93 26
    Fax 33 (0)146 33 14 24
    Business informations
    Name of correspondant Mrs GERARDI Thierry
    Primary Business Type(s) Manufacturer
    Export License
    Main activity Others
    Main Markets North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Pacific
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    BioQuanta was born in 2003 from the meeting of science and business professionals. We share a vision where everyone can benefit from personalized medicine with treatment options that are more effective and have less risks associated with toxicity. This concept must extend to cosmetics and the food industry.
    Only breakthroughs in technology are capable of making this happen. Drawing support from our translational research initiatives, our research platforms were designed to achieve this.

    Since the inception of our R&D program we have observed that existing laboratory tools and methods did not have the speed, precision, or reliability necessary for the clinical setting.  Thus we decided to develop our own solutions with an emphasis on standardization of models and data, as well as automation. This enables us to achieve a high throughput with high reliability.

    This has resulted in the creation of an in silico platform and an in vitro platform which are unique in the world, and offer unparalleled accuracy and reliability. The use of these tools in a lean discovery framework  significantly reduces the risks and costs associated with R&D and allows us to reduce the development time of an optimized lead.
    This enables us to create therapeutic and diagnostic molecules that are safer and more effective.

    Science as a service

    Benefit from our expertise and our technologies without investment  
    Our multidisciplinary expertise enables us to understand the complex mechanisms involved in biological disorders and their impact on cellular metabolism until an atomic level. Our expertise will assist you in developing your compounds within your development strategy.

    Performance and flexibility

    Science as a service allows all businesses to access our research platforms MultiDIP® and Mitoxis® and take full advantage of scientific expertise and analytical skills of our teams. Our customers benefit from a powerful solution to meet their needs in discovery, lead optimization, repositioning ... without heavy investment or raising significant funds and resources.

    Science as a service has been created for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. It also address the cosmetology industry and those involved by the REACH regulation.

    Standardization, accuracy and quality control
    Provide results of laboratory tests for hospital patients requires the utmost rigor in their analytical quality. They must be made with an analytical accuracy of less than 5%. This result quality can only be achieved through standardization of methods and an extremely rigorous implementation of quality control. It is on this basis that our teams were trained. BioQuanta has innovated by applying the same level of requirement for both platforms MultiDIP® and Mitoxis®.
    Under these conditions, a high degree of automation did not affect accuracy and reliability of the results delivered, quite the opposite.



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