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EMSL image C&ENews top science art pick

Congratulations to EMSL’s Bruce Arey who captured an award-winning image that has been chosen by readers of Chemical & Engineering News as its top science art pick. The image was published in the Oct. 31 issue of C&ENews. It was also the top choice in Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Science Art contest and will appear on PNNL’s 2012 calendar cover. Kudos also to EMSL’s graphic artist Nathan Johnson, who colorized the image.

The scanning electron microscopy image shows synthetic olivine mineral forsterite (green, purple and light green) and a supercritical CO2 reaction product identified as dypingite (gold). The blue background is a carbon base tape which the particles sit on. The image was captured as part of a research project with PNNL’s Andy Felmy, Odeta Qafoku and Zheming Wang.

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